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We provide services for study abroad in many countries of the world. We give consultancy to student to...
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We provide services for study abroad in many countries of the world. We give consultancy to student to...
CEO Message
I am delighted that you are considering Aalaa Consultants, Pakistan’s first and only Limited Company engaged exclusively in Overseas Education. To help you achieve your goals, I have visualized that you need a proper gateway for the road to your overseas education, career, professional life and personal development. In the present environment, quality is paramount and at Aalaa Consultants, our standards, facilities and the infrastructure have been designed to meet your needs that are of International Standards.

I, on behalf of Aalaa Consultants take pride in offering you the best of services and career guidance as you look ahead in life for professional studies at an overseas destination. I and my team will assist you in every possible aspect and ensure that from the time you visit our office till you land in a country of your choice for your Higher Education, you are provided with all the assistance that you require, enabling smooth and hassle-free process for you.

I understand that your aspiration for higher studies abroad is for a variety of reasons – to improve career prospects, possible immigration, job satisfaction, for intellectual challenges and to pursue long standing interests etc. At Aalaa Consultants, we have built considerable flexibility into our whole process so that career selection and proper guidance for you becomes easy when you interact with our experienced counselors/team members.

I assure that at Aalaa Consultants, whatever your personal goals are, you will be able to find customized solutions which match your dreams and goals in accomplishing a great qualification, career and life ahead.

I take pride in stating that we are the only Company in Pakistan offering many unique benefits right from the time you register. Our association with you will be for life. As you engage with us, you will realize that you have made the right choice by allowing us to be your ‘Partner in Global Education plans.

We hope that our profile provides you with all the information you need. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback so that we can continue to enhance our services. Contact me by email or on my mobile phone for anything you consider important. Sincerely yours

Our Mission
Our mission is to assist Pakistani students to get international quality education in the best universities of the world so that they could contribute in the progress of Pakistan with their best skills

Our Vision
Our vision is to see Pakistani students excelling in education in the developed world

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